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Smart Glow Fuse Maxi Blade
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Fuse Maxi Blade

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CARAX Glow Fuse. MAXI Blade Fuse. LARGE/AMP/APX Blade Fuse

Fuse Maxi Blade Mix

• EASY TO USE: You quickly and easily KNOW which fuse is BLOWN thanks to the illuminating LED indicator.
• GROUP: Smart Auto GLOW FUSE / MAXI / AMP / LARGE / Blade. Replacement non-diode automotive fuses ATC/ATO.
• QUALITY MATERIALS: HEAT RESISTANT PLASTIC - WILL NOT MELT. High-grade thermosetting plastic. Won’t ruin the car’s fuse box. Zinc alloy terminals provide corrosion resistance and enhanced conductivity.
• OEM INDUSTRY STANDARD: Color coding. Size complies with OEM standard SAEJ1888, UL, EU RoHS, and REACH. Bright diode inside the fuse. Suitable for Car, Auto, Motorcycle, Truck, SUV, Boat, Marine, and RV.

Your Life Will Be a Little Easier

Smart Glow Fuse Maxi Blade
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